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Mobile around Denver, Colorado. Making dessert much sweeter!


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Weddings, Corporate Events, & More!

It isn't a party without sprinkles! We cater for Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Graduations and more! You name it, and we are there. We have a delicious product guaranteed to bring some sweetness to your special day! 


We specialize in custom made ice cream sandwiches! When you visit us, you are able to choose your top and bottom cookie flavors, ice cream flavors and choice of toppings- YUM! We want you to experience a homemade ice cream sandwich, we don't freeze our cookies. Our cookies are served soft and fresh, which allows the ice cream to melt together into the cookie. We have over 100 ice cream flavors and 20 cookie flavors, which leaves endless possibilities when choosing your ice cream sandwich combination!



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She may be tiny and cute, but she is guaranteed to bring some sweetness to your life!